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April 02, 2009

The battery power saving

Unfortunately a shorter lasting time of the smartphone battery is one of the most annoying difference compared to the feature phones. The feature phone's fully charged battery easily lasts for several days when smartphone's battery discharges in one or couple days of usage. The worst of all situation when you need to recharge the battery even the same day when it was full of power few hours before. One and half or two days of usage without recharging are common for the smartphone. However here are few tips to save the power of battery for a longer usage:

To save the power adjust the phone's screen brightness (light sensor) down to minimum just to see the numbers, text and multimedia content on the screen conveniently enough. Weaker brightness consumes less power.

Also shorten the back light time-out to less seconds. It makes screen light staying on for a shorter time. The back light makes reading of the phone screen easier in the bright light conditions or sunny areas so use it only when necessary.

Turn off all mostly unnecessary functions like vibrating alerts, key press tones and screen themes animation which affects a lot the battery power.

If not necessary do not keep constantly on the connectivity functions like WLAN scanning, bluetooth and activated data connection to the internet. If you are on the move or in the place where the 3G (UMTS) network signal is weak set the phone to the GSM only network instead of dual mode or 3G (UMTS). Otherwise constant automatic switching the phone between the 3G/2G depending on signal strength does drain the battery faster. If you use WLAN connection to the internet in the place where the signal is strong you may set wireless LAN transmission power level parameter (advanced settings) to the 4 mW instead of 100 mW which saves the battery power a lot.

Data communication applications like messaging, VoIP calling, browser and IMAP e-mail retrieving drain the battery almost like regular voice calls so use them only when necessary to save the power.

Avoid to leave on running the applications and games in the background. Some installed applications like multimedia player, radio, blacklist, video ringtone, screensaver and so on run continuously in the background consuming power.

Running applications installed on the memory card drains the battery more than installed in the internal memory.

The battery lasting time drops over a long time of usage mainly due to the rough usage and improper charging at multiple very short time intervals and also due to the extensive battery charging for a long time when it is already full. For the old battery types it was advisable to drain completely the phone battery until the device gets shutdown before recharging. Use only native and compatible to the phone chargers.

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