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October 04, 2006

Quick access of favorite application

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Selection key customizing for quick application access. Some most frequently used applications or functions may be quickly accessed with the Left and Right Selection keys of the main Standby screen if customized according to your wish. You may define which application to assign to the Left or Right Selection key in the Phone settings Standby mode menu. Choosing the key take in account that the Right Selection key is more responsive than the Left, because the left one is dedicated to keypad locking function: after pressing Left Selection key system waits a bit if the * key follows, so it takes a moment.

Using Go To shortcuts. If application you frequently use has function to add shortcut to the Go To pinboard menu, you can access it in a few key presses without navigating through the phone menus.

To add application shortcut to the pinboard menu, look for the Add to 'Go to' item in it's Options menu. Repeat the same for all applications you want. However not all applications have this functionality. Once shortcut is added, you may find it in the Go To pinboard menu among others your most favorite applications.

After assigning the Go To pinboard menu application to the Left or Right Selection key of the main Standby screen, you will be able to access your favorite application quickly by one key press entering to the Go To and then selecting desired application shortcut.

If you chose Grid view of Go To menu, you will be able to select application even quicker by entering the first one or two letters of it's shortcut name when Go To menu is open. You may edit shortcut names in the Go To menu for the selection convenience. (Worked on Nokia 6600, N70)

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