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March 04, 2007

Speed dialling tricks

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Speed dialling. The handset User's Guide describes the dialling of phonebook numbers linked to the speed dialling keys <2> to <9>. It is convenient to assign favorite phone numbers to these keys, however it requires to enter and scroll the speed dialling menu to make a call. Below are suggested a couple of more useful tips to make a quick calls.

Using short numbers with the voice command. Since the handset is able to start dialing using a voice command, you may assign a short number voice tags to the most favorite phonebook entries for calling in the order you prefer to remember. Let say you create a contact card with easy to remember name "11" for the phone number of your wife or husband and "22" for the number of your mother (with corresponding voice tags "one one" and "two two" on the older S60 handsets). On the newer Nokia mobile phones you even do not need to create voice tags - speed dial will recognize your command from the contact card numeric name. Then you may quickly dial with the Right selection key depressed on the main Standby mode screen and telling the desired contact card name: let say "two two" for the calling to your mother. You need to press only one key to make a call that way! Isn't it very convenient? :)(Worked on Nokia 6600, N70)

Using numbers on the SIM card. If you know the order of memory slots of your most favorite numbers entered on the SIM card, you may quickly call them entering the slot number followed with #. For example 10# entered on the main Standby mode screen, followed with the Call key, calls the phone number stored in the SIM card memory slot number 10. For the convenience you may enter the most favorite phone numbers in the empty SIM card in the order you will remember and then call them quicker using this method. It may work not only on the Symbian phones.

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