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February 16, 2007

Managing phone book contacts

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Adding custom contact details. One can store phone numbers, names, e-mail addresses or other information in the contact cards of the phone book. The list of available details to insert is under Add Detail menu of the opened contact card (Edit / Options / Add detail). However you can add also contact details that are not listed, e.g. ICQ number or Skype ID and so on. Just add any detail you choose in the list, then rename it with the Edit Label.

Defining the default detail. Once you entered more than one phone number in the same contact card, you may define the default number for the call, video call or SMS sending. It will spare your time when you use the contact. Open the contact card, choose Options / Defaults, select the type of detail, select the main number for that and press Left selection key Assign. When you make a call or send SMS to that contact, it will instantly initiate calling or sending without prompting you to select the phone number in the list.

Using voice command for the contact. When driving the car its not convenient to search for the contact in the mobile phone book. You can use a Voice Command to call the contact.

For the older S60 mobile phones you need to assign a voice tag to the desired contact card before. Open the contact card, choose Options / Add voice tag and say the word that will initiate the call when you use the Voice Command.

The newer S60 mobile phones do not need to assign voice tags since the contact card name appearing in the contacts list will be used to tell a Voice Command. You can check the name of contact card by opening it, choosing Options / Play Voice Tag. The name you hear must be used in the Voice Command.

It is very convenient to make a call by pressing the Right Selection key and holding it for a while, then telling by the voice a contact card name. (Worked on Nokia 6600, N70)

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